Alicia Browning

Alicia Browning


Shearology Salon & Spa

Alicia started Shearology in 2008 as an independent stylist, based out of her mixed zone townhome in Herriman, UT (what better way than to live and work in the same location?). Shearology has grown to become a thriving full-service salon and spa, employing 12 independent service providers, and is a true community gem!

Initial funding for Shearology’s startup costs came from a personal credit line. In just 8 short months, the funding was fully repaid, and the salon has been debt free ever since. Thanks to its superior service, Alicia’s dedication, and unwavering work ethic, Shearology has experienced double, and even triple digit growth percentages every year since.

Superior service is not the only thing that has helped Shearology Salon & Spa succeed. Alicia, together with her husband Andy, have made a name for themselves and have earned the respect of their surrounding community. Their commitment to supporting local events, including sponsoring the city’s annual “Herriman Town Days”, and participation in local community theater, from styling wigs to using their acting and vocal talents in leading roles, has set them apart from their competition.

The Hair & Makeup team at Shearology has collaborated with local fashion designers to compete in statewide competitions, most notably taking the first-place prize for two consecutive years in the Utah Halloween Expo and Show “Hair Wars” competition. Most recently, Shearology was voted as one of the 2017 finalists in the KSL Classifieds Voter’s Choice contest, which presents the Utah businesses deemed to be the “best of the best”.

Today, Alicia and the Shearology team continue to grow; striving daily for excellence by providing quality services, and competitive prices to the community they love!