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Maxine Turner

Maxine Turner


Cuisine Unlimited

Maxine Turner is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. Educated in public schools, she attended the University of Utah where she majored in Business Administration. In 1970, she married Marvin Turner. They have three grown children, Aaron, Jeff and Victoria.

After eight years in a banking career, Maxine was asked to join a non-profit organization in heading their fund-raising catering program. Her interest in events grew from this experience. Several years later, she established Cuisine Unlimited Catering & Special Events, now an award-winning national and international off-premise catering operation. Established in 1980, this organization now employees over 120 full and part-time staff with sales in excess of $5.2 million dollars.

Expansion into a family business occurred in 1998 when husband, Marvin Turner, CFO, joined the operation and again in 2002 when the Turner’s two sons joined their parents. Today Aaron Turner is President & CEO. Beyond their continued national and international projects involving seven Olympic Games, they have expanded services now offering their Café Cuisine at various corporate centers and Concert Cuisine at Red Butte Gardens. They offer their services exclusively at two resort hotels in Park City, Utah and the new largest performing arts center in Salt Lake City, the Eccles Theater. They participate in the ever-growing Savor the Summit in Park City and one of the selected caterers for the Sundance Film Festival. Today Maxine and semi-retired and serves as founder of Cuisine Unlimited as her son and husband continue the ownership reins.

One of the highlights of Maxine’s career was dining with Julia Child in New York in conjunction with a James Beard Foundation award. Highly lauded in media, Maxine produced “Maxine in the Kitchen”, cooking shows that aired nationally on HD Channels and is a regular on cooking programs on CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC. She is considered a trusted source for food writers on industry trends and has co-authorized a catering text book, Off-Premise Catering Management, used in culinary schools throughout the country.

Their corporate name was expanded with nationally and internationally recognition receiving the 2014 U.S. Chamber Top Seven Small Businesses in the country representing the Western Region, the 2014 OWIT International Business of the Year, Fortune 5000 Small Business in 2012-2013 and 2014, Salt Lake Chamber Giant Small Business of the Year Award and 2002 National Caterer of the Year among others.

Maxine serves on the board of U.S. Chamber of Commerce and chairs the Small Business Council, in Washington DC, Economic Development Corporation of Utah, Salt Lake City Convention & Visitors Bureau, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Park City Chamber Bureau, Jr. Achievement, the Salt Lake Community College Culinary Board and Salt Lake Community College Foundation Board. Maxine is the founder of the US Welcome Pavilion.

Maxine has been successful in recruiting some of the brightest talents in the business. Their teamwork, responsiveness and creative abilities have added to her reputation for excellence. Her philosophy is that Cuisine Unlimited, Inc. does not need to be the biggest catering service, but it must be the best. “We are always striving to be more innovative and provide exemplary service to each and every client.” Maxine’s goal with her award-winning endeavors has been to empower others and build opportunities for individuals and within her community.