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First and foremost, Steve Down is the visionary behind Financially Fit. Financially Fit, is an organization that is devoted to giving and sharing financial hope, vision, and direction for financial health and fitness to individuals, families, and businesses. As America’s Wealth Coach, Steve has shared his knowledge and experience with individuals from coast to coast, helping them change the way they feel, think, and act about money to achieve their vision of financial wealth. He is the author of Financially Fit for Life and an audio book, The Miracle of Wealth. He has also been heard by millions on national talk radio. Together, Steve’s books, curriculum, and mentoring systems have helped countless individuals treat the disease of financial illiteracy, not just the symptoms.

Steve is also the founder and president of Even Stevens, a sandwich shop with a cause that has become a force for sustainable change across the country. For every sandwich sold, Even Stevens donates a sandwich to a local nonprofit who in turn feed the hungry in their community. Even Stevens supports many different non-profit partners in various local markets. And, in just over two years, the company has donated more than one million sandwiches.

Steve also founded The Falls Event Centers; innovative and state-of-the-art event facilities that are the place to hold corporate gatherings, dream weddings, and community events. The Falls offers free facility space access to local non–profits from their available inventory.

Another Steve Down Company with a life-changing give-back is CE Select, a professional dental continuing education organization that supports the success of both dentists and the communities they serve by providing state-of-the-art continuing education with a cause. For every course attendee, CE Select donates proceeds back to non-profit partners Mission of Mercy and America’s Dentists Care foundation, providing free oral health care to patients in need.

A current 1:1 initiative that is in the formulation stage is Steve’s Hotel. For every room booked, the company provides one night in the community’s homeless shelter for those in need.

Steve’s desire to help others is deeply rooted in his philosophy about financial wealth. “Giving help is one of the greatest rewards of becoming financially fit,” he says in his book Financially Fit for Life. And he’s a man who knows what he’s talking about, because he has personally experienced the principles he teaches. Steve knows what it’s like to be in debt—to the tune of $1,000,000. He also knows what it’s like to turn things around and eventually make that very same amount in a single day.